(putting the hamsters on the wheel)

The Big Picture

PSE is an alternative to classic bookmarks. It lets you add (and search) arbitrary text, not just the page title and address.

To learn more, watch on.

I want it! Skip the rest of the presentation.


Bookmarks Kinda Suck

Oh, they were all right in the old days...

“Wow! AltaVista, Webcrawler, and my friend's Meet the Press fanfic page on Geocities, all in one place. This rocks.”

That was then, this is now


(Yeah, my bookmarks are a cesspool. Sorry. That's why I wrote this.)

Where the heck is my stuff?

You can “search” your bookmarks...

...but usually only the title and address.

If you don't remember that it was on “steampoweredchimp.com”*,

you're out of luck.

* Available at the time of writing. Snap it up before someone else does. :-)


You Need Full-Text Search

PSE does it

Easy to Install

Just drag the link to your browser's toolbar

No Hassle

No logins

No passwords

No spam

No privacy worries

(your data stays on your own computer)


Easy to Use

Adding Stuff

Select some text on the page

Click the toolbar link

Edit as Needed

Add or remove text

Change the title

Run wild and free, my friend!


Finding Stuff

Click the same link without selecting any text

Enter your search terms


PSE Personal Search Engine

Cross-platform, cross-browser

Works just about everywhere

(except Internet Explorer, sorry about that)

(Need IE support? Email for a price quote :-))

Ready to give it a try?

Sure you are. Do it.